Summer is Coming

The cool nights are visiting us less often. The sun hardly seems to set before it’s peaking up above the treeline again. Flies are humming and cicadas are white-noising.

Summer is texting to say its on its way. ┬áSomething like “just turned onto Interstate Gulf Stream, be there in 10 days, max.”

And while there is always a resigned inevitability about summer in Florida, it doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to spring. This was a particularly long, cool, breezy, and dry spring, too — and all the more difficult to part.

Farther south in Florida, I feel like summer never really leaves the building. It’s more like summer occasionally uses the restroom and everyone else in the room starts talking about it. That’s fine. That’s a lifestyle, a commitment, an environmental life-sentence, and the people who live inside of it are well aware. North Florida has just enough variability to trick you into believing in seasons. It’s very frustrating, of course, because the transitional seasons move so fast your head spins, and winter is less of its own “season” and more of an absence of insufferable temperatures. Still, there are whole weeks where it’s most desirable to cover your legs and wear shoes with socks.

And sadly, we won’t be seeing a week like that for the better part of a year.

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