Meet Maureen


Maureen, pictured in a hat, with her two sisters Jennifer (far left) and Christine (2nd from left) and her niece, Grace (far right)


Tumble Farm is owned and operated by Maureen Murtha.

A true ACR, Maureen grew up in the town of Alachua and graduated from Santa Fe High School. She then graduated from UF in 2011 with a Bachelors in Fine Arts, but by then her real passion had shifted from painting to sustainable agriculture.

A band geek turned painter, it wasn’t until Maureen’s sophomore year of college that she began to train as a runner and bicyclist for the first time in her life.  Like it does for many, the focus on health and nutrition as part of this training brought food sources and quality to light for her. Feeling compelled to gain better insight into the entire path food takes to get from the field to our bodies, she started going out to a local farm and learning all about the process of growing and harvesting.

Following graduation, Maureen decided to take a leap and leave Florida for the first time, in search of agricultural experience and better idea as to how she wanted to raise food for herself someday. After a stint on a Pennsylvania dairy farm, a season with a California agritourism business, six months learning the ropes of micro raw dairy/grass-fed beef/home delivery in the fanciest of fancy San Francisco markets, and finally two years cowgirling and homesteading on 50,000 dusty acres in Eastern Colorado, she met Nick: a bonafide South Dakota cowboy.

Maureen and Nick tried South Dakota with his family ranch for a while, but ultimately decided it was better to start something on their own. Maureen had been pining for her endless summer (and the livin’s easy) North Florida roots since she left, so they made a go of it. In April 2017, the property that is now Tumble Farm was yolked to them with a terrifying/exhilarating first mortgage and months of sweat equity ahead.

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